Tools of Choice

Check out my handpicked collection of favorite tools, spanning analog and digital domains (Web, Mac & Android)





  • GIMP for Raster
  • Inkscape for vector
  • Figma for screen design.Figma ResourcesFigma Resources
    Community Templates

    Material from Google
    Primer from Github
    ADS Components from Atlassian
    Twilio's Paste Library
    Base from Uber
    Evergreen from Segment
    AntD from Ant Designs

  • Procreate App on my iPad, but not that well used.


Project Management


Malayalam Input

  • Indic Keyboard for Android
  • Varamozhi for iPad
  • Keymagic for Mac
  • Installing Malayalam keyboard in MacInstalling Malayalam keyboard in Mac
    I use Key Magic with Mozhi Mapping to type phonetic Malayalam.Some times Mac might not allow you to install Keymagic from orginal source, in that case try download from Mac Download and install it....

Misc Apps

  • PCloud for Storage
  • Flow for Pomodoro Timer (Mac)
  • Magnet for Window Arrangement (Mac)
  • Grammarly for english grammar (Not a paid user)
  • Alfred for custom actions (Mac)
  • Substack for Newsletter
  • Arc for browsing (Mac)
  • Habits for Habit Tracking (Android)

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