Filter Coffee

South Indian Coffee, or Filter Coffee goes well with milk, and is excellent companion to South Indian breakfast staples. The coffee powder, derived from Arabica beans, includes Chicory, altering both flavour and aroma. Typically finely ground, the Coffee-Chicory ratio ranges from 90:10 to 60:40. My personal preference is around 80:20, and I favourite Cothas Coffee powder powder over others.

The equipment—a filter—is straightforward, utilising the basic principle of gravity. With no pressure and a high brewing time, a thick concentrate (decoction) is produced. It's available online.

The entire process is uncomplicated, with minimal room for error. The best instruction manual I've encountered is this video of Venkatesh Bhat.

AeroPress with South Indian Coffee PowderAeroPress with South Indian Coffee Powder
I have tried making coffee using AeroPress Recipe for Dark Roasted recipe, with South Indian Coffee Powder, and it's worth mentioning! What I did is I reduced the temperature (which can reduce ...