Installing Malayalam keyboard in Mac

I use Key Magic with Mozhi Mapping to type phonetic Malayalam.Some times Mac might not allow you to install Keymagic from orginal source, in that case try download from Mac Download and install it.

  • Go to System Preference > Keyboard > Input Source and add Keymagic, from Multiple Languages option. (There is a + icon, on bottom-left).
  • This will enable KeyMagic. Also, select 'Show Input Menu in Menu Bar'.
  • Now, to configure Key Magic, Select Key Magic from Menu bar, and click on it again.
  • You will see 'Open Keyboard Directory ' as an option. Click on that, which will open .keymagic folder.
  • Download Malayalam-Mozhi.km2 from Narayam and paste that file to this folder. You can delete other .km2 files from the folder, to declutter the options.
  • Now Keymagic will show Malayalam Mozhi as an option. Select that, and start typing!

Typing using Malayalam Inscript

If you want to use InScript method instead of Mozhi, you can download Malayalam-Inscript.km2 instead of Malayalam-Mozhi.km2