Since 2022, I've possessed an AeroPress Go. Its portability, compact form, and lack of complex mechanisms render it a tool rather than a gadget. The simple plastic components and modularity ensures it's easy to travel with.

AeroPress Recipes

  • AeroPress Recipe for Light RoastedAeroPress Recipe for Light Roasted
    Light Roasted Coffee is what I prefer when it comes to AeroPress. The recipe I follow is :

    - Use 1 paper filters. No preheating, or filter rinsing. Keep AeroPress in Standard position.
    - Step 1. ...
  • AeroPress Recipe for Dark RoastedAeroPress Recipe for Dark Roasted
    For Dark roasted, I have tried two methods that gave good result.

    ## Recipe 1 -
    [v60 style]( is one of the most famous AeroPress recipe y...
  • AeroPress Recipe for Medium Roasted Private or Broken Links
    The page you're looking for is either not available or private!
  • AeroPress with South Indian Coffee PowderAeroPress with South Indian Coffee Powder
    I have tried making coffee using AeroPress Recipe for Dark Roasted recipe, with South Indian Coffee Powder, and it's worth mentioning! What I did is I reduced the temperature (which can reduce ...
  • AeroPress Recipes

P.S. Alan Adler is remarkable! His ideas are straightforward, address genuine concerns, and embody minimalism at its finest.