AeroPress Recipe for Light Roasted

Light Roasted Coffee is what I prefer when it comes to AeroPress. The recipe I follow is :

  • Use 1 paper filters. No preheating, or filter rinsing. Keep AeroPress in Standard position.
  • Step 1. 11-12gm of medium grid coffee powder
  • Step 2. Add 100ml of 80-85c water, place the plunger.
  • Step 3. Wait for 45 seconds and remove the plunger
  • Step 4: Add another 100ml of 80-85c water, place the plunger
  • Step 5. Press for 40-60 second, and stop before the hiss

You can stir, if needed, between step 3 and 4. I do that, only if I see large portion of dry coffee powder or if my first pour was not even. It's a distaster management, not a step.

Coffee Powder