AeroPress with South Indian Coffee Powder

I have tried making coffee using AeroPress Recipe for Dark RoastedAeroPress Recipe for Dark Roasted
For Dark roasted, I have tried two methods that gave good result.

## Recipe 1 -
[v60 style]( is one of the most famous AeroPress recipe y...
recipe, with South Indian Coffee Powder, and it's worth mentioning! What I did is I reduced the temperature (which can reduce the bitterness) and increased the water (diluting it)

  • Step 1: Add 13gm of Cothas Coffee powder
  • Step 2: Add 200ml of 80c water
  • Step 3: Place plunger and wait for 50 seconds
  • Step 4: Press for 20-30 seconds, and do stop before the hiss
  • Done.