AeroPress Recipe for Dark Roasted

For Dark roasted, I have tried two methods that gave good result.

Recipe 1 -

v60 style is one of the most famous AeroPress recipe you can see online. It's simple, and you get a good result every time.

Here is how I do, the values are different since I use Aeropress Go, with max capacity of 245ml.

  • Use 2 paper filters. No preheating, or filter rinsing. Keep AeroPress in Standard position.
  • Step 1: Add 13gm of medium grid coffee powder
  • Step 2: Add 150ml of 85-90c water
  • Step 3: Place plunger and wait for 50 seconds
  • Step 4: Press for 20-30 seconds, and do stop before the hiss
  • Done.

Recipe 2

This recipe is good when you are looking for a tall glass of AeroPress of if you want to make two good glass of (not that caffeinated) coffee.

  • Use 1 paper filter. No preheating, or filter rinsing. Keep AeroPress in Inverted position.
  • Step 1 : Add 12gm of medium grid coffee powder to inverted setup
  • Step 2: Add 30ml 80-85c water, start timer.
  • Step 3: Give 10 seconds to bloom
  • Step 4: Add 150ml water
  • Step 5: Wait till 90 seconds, and flip
  • Step 6: Press till 150 seconds.
  • Step 7: Bypass, by adding 180ml of 80-85c water
  • Step 8: Drink the tall glass! (360-380ml it will be)

Coffee Powder