Shape Up


A worthwhile read, this book offers a comprehensive and structured insight into Basecamp's problem-solving and product-building approach, gathered from various tweets and blogs.

Learn to focus on shaping the problem by defining it and setting boundaries before diving into its construction. In other words, bet on the race, not the horse, as Basecamp would say!

Numerous concepts from this book, such as Breadboarding over WireframesBreadboarding over Wireframes
I recommend product people to create Breadboarding over Wireframing, as initial product documentation _especially to interact with designers_. Wireframes are too detailed. The extra detailing k...
, Decide when to stopDecide when to stop
Stop aiming for an ideal, perfect design. We'll never get there. Instead of keeping 'perfect design' as the benchmark, compare with the **baseline** — the current reality and how much this change e...
, Design early to fail fasterDesign early to fail faster
Earlier you fail, it's better. Start design in the ideation phase, even before setting defined goals or commitments. Thinking for visual designs provides enough space to think deeply about complexi...
, Look for rabbit holesLook for rabbit holes
Finding solutions are usually a fast-moving, fast-paced process. It might not be a 'deeper' exploration, but a 'broader'. Once we have solutions, it's essential to slow down and critically go throu...
, Work is like a hillWork is like a hill
**Work is like a hill**, divides Every piece of work to two phases - **An uphill**, a phase of figuring out the approach and **a downhill**, the phase of execution.

The Hill Chart diagram looks l...
and Is this a real problemIs this a real problem
There are two main definitions for the problem,
> A matter, or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.
An inquiry starting from given conditions to...
can be applied to various development processes. For instance, I've been using BreadboardingBreadboarding
Breadboarding is how electronic prototypes are made. It focuses on function, has all components and wiring – but no industrial design. Not usable, but it works.

Similar idea is used (by the Baseca...
and the Fat-marker methodFat-marker method
Don't use good drawing tools or regular pen/pencil to sketch your UI. It provides an option to to build complex detailed visual design. Instead, **use a fat marker**. It restricts detailing. The dr...
since 2018/2019 in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban projects.

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