Decide when to stop

  • Stop aiming for an ideal perfect design. We'll never get there. Instead of keeping 'perfect design' as the benchmark, compare with the baseline - the current reality and how much this change enhanced their experience.
  • Comparing with baseline and knowing that it's improving the product for users will motivate the product team. It’s less about us and more about value for the customer.
  • Scope grows naturally, like grass. It's not the fault of managers, programmers, or clients. More we reach more profound; we see more micro details and potentials - not only blockers, but also potential improvements.
  • Making choices makes the product better, as long as it follows a direction. Software design should be opinionatedSoftware design should be opinionated

    Chair that fits all buttocks is an old way of thinking. Software, by design, should be opinionated. It should have principles, a manifesto, and a targeted user persona.
    Building flexible softw...
  • Always see features as must-haves and nice-to-haves, and Prioritize enablers and blockersPrioritize enablers and blockers

    'Additive Enablers' and 'Removing Blockers'

    Enablers enable new functionality that makes the product more valuable
    Blockers are the friction that prevents a user from using your...