Decide when to stop

Stop aiming for an ideal, perfect design. We'll never get there. Instead of keeping 'perfect design' as the benchmark, compare with the baseline — the current reality and how much this change enhanced their experience.

Comparing with baseline and knowing that it's improving the product for users will motivate the product team. It’s less about us and more about value for the customer. Scope grows naturally, like grass. It's not the fault of managers, programmers, or clients. More, we reach more profound; we see more micro details and potentials — not only blockers, but also potential improvements.

Making choices makes the product better, as long as it follows a direction. Software design should be opinionatedSoftware design should be opinionated
*Chair that fits all buttocks* is an old way of thinking. Software, by design, should be opinionated. It should have principles, a manifesto, and a targeted user persona. Building a flexible softwa...
. Always see features as must-haves and nice-to-haves, and Prioritize enablers and blockersPrioritize enablers and blockers
Before building a feature, try to understand if the problem is genuinely preventing someone from using the product or a nice to have in their user experience. Ask Is this a real problem. Check ...


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