Look for rabbit holes

Finding solutions are usually a fast-moving, fast-paced process. It might not be a 'deeper' exploration, but a 'broader'. Once we have solutions, it's essential to slow down and critically go through each step to see if we are missing anything.

One way to analyze the solution is to walk through a use case in slow motion. We need to find edge cases and validate our assumptions, learning curve, and consistency of experience.

How I do

On BreadboardingBreadboarding
Breadboarding is how electronic prototypes are made. It focuses on function, has all components and wiring – but no industrial design. Not usable, but it works.

Similar idea is used (by the Baseca...
phase and High Fidelity Design phase, I prefer starting from base-point and going through all Affordances, and check what it leads to. (More like manual crawl)


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