Insights are not tasks to be planned

  • Insights are the result of active thinking. Unlike an objective/goal, it cannot be planned. Most of the productivity methods, like Getting Things Done, are objective-focused.

  • There is a clear definition of the objectives. For insights, it can't be planned.

  • Never brainstorm for a topicNever brainstorm for a topic

    Advantage of having atomic knowledge bases, like a [[Zettelkasten]], is that you don't have to brainstorm for a topic.
    Looking into the slip-box and going thorough the connections will work as...
  • Focus on Outcome, not OutputFocus on Outcome, not Output

    Output is measured based on scope, cost, and time.
    Outcome is based on behavior, satisfaction, and Impact.

    Impacts like ROI, Market share, etc., might be lagging indicators.