Never brainstorm for a topic

The advantage of having atomic knowledge bases, like a ZettelkastenZettelkasten
*Zettelkasten* is a method of personal knowledge management used by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist. It recommends creating independent Atomicity notes so that we can connect them with oth...
, is that you don't have to brainstorm for a topic. Looking into the slip-box and going thorough the connections will work as a starting point. For this, you have to practice questioning from the bottom-up, within the slip box, and that should lead to further learning.

  • Find interesting contents and follow curiosityFind interesting contents and follow curiosity
    Leaving your brain wandering and assuming that it will come with new subjects or ideas is a time-consuming process. Instead of that, it is better to start from an exciting knowledge you have in you...


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