Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix or Urgent-Important Matrix is a framework that helps in prioritising tasks by urgency and importance. The matrix is divided into four :

  1. Top being Important (I)
  2. bottom for Not-important (NI)
  3. left for Urgent (U)
  4. right for Not-urgent (NU)

This gives four quadrants NU+I, U+I, U+NI and NU+NI.

  • Do what's in Urgent and Important
  • Schedule Important but not Urgent
  • Delegate not important but urgent
  • ignore what's not important or urgent.

Ankur Warikoo recommended adding a Third dimension to Eisenhower MatrixThird dimension to Eisenhower Matrix
Eisenhower Matrix suggests dropping things that are not important or urgent, but what if you want to do it? (call a random friend and check how he/she is)

It suggests delegating urgent but not...
, and making it practically easier.