Radical Delegation

Once we have too many things in our plate, Eisenhower MatrixEisenhower Matrix
The Eisenhower Matrix or Urgent-Important Matrix is a framework that helps in prioritising tasks by urgency and importance. The matrix is divided into four :
1. Top being Important (I)
2. bottom ...
becomes less usable, as there are too many things to get done, even after delegating and deleting. Radical delegation is for tasks in two top quadrants of Eisenhower Matrix - Do & Schedule.

Assess each tasks in top two quadrants, and understand the the leverage (High/Low) and who could do this (Only You/Others)

  • High Leverage + Only You
    • Focus Deeply
  • High Leverage + Other
    • Delegate to the most suitable person
    • Monitor and work closely
  • Low Leverage + Only You
    • Use it as an opportunity to coach teammate
    • Set a foundation and the coach, not vice versa
  • Low Leverage + Others
    • Delegate and be available when then need

This provides a great chance to empower team members, and help them grow.

  • LNO FrameworkLNO Framework
    All your tasks are not created equal. All tasks doesn't deserve your best effort.

    Divide task to three types - Leverage, Neutral and Overhead. Do a great focused job if it's a leverage task. Do a...