Better Thinking over Better Note-taking

  • In Note-taking, Making notes is the easiest partMaking notes is the easiest part

    It's easy to make notes. And there are many easier ways to make notes - like Copy-pasting or Quoting.
    What we miss while doing that is the intention of note-taking.
    Note-taking is not to col...
    , especially one with a focus and subjective intention.
  • The content is already structured, primarily polished, and made with a purpose of revising than reusing or thinking it over. Normal note taking fails to connect ideasNormal note taking fails to connect ideas

    In standard note-taking, we sort by topics and sub-topics, building a hierarchical tree structure of knowledge. The information is sorted and has a "flow," but chances of connecting two differen...
  • The goal is not to take notes—the goal is to think effectively