A what-am-I-doing now page. Inspired by Derek Sivers's Now Page.

  • Migrating Notes from Notion to Obsidian, attempt to make more atomic notes that are interconnected. Digital Garden / Zettel method.

  • Homepage for Anish, Little Black Choux, and SMC Fonts. Trying to work on small, tactical, long-term impact designs.

  • Start uploading old design works, either to Behance, or - attempt to build a live portfolio.

  • Malayalam Workbook project.

  • Interview/Conversation with creative people on idea conception, convincing and collaboration.

  • Write :

      1. Note Taking
      1. Product Design Process
      1. Tools and Usages
      1. Figma for Managers and Devs - Video?
  • Workshop :

      1. Design Thinking Workshop
      1. Design System Workshop


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