Explore my current focus, from personal goals to exciting projects. Inspired by Derek Sivers's Now Page idea

  • Sketch daily, spend five hours weekly drawing, and send postcard art to friends.
  • Write long-form articles and publish via Medium
  • Create collections on Travel/Cities, articles, interesting Websites and Coffee notes
  • Write more public movie and book logs, and link them to LibraryLibrary
    Reading Now

    The Midnight Library, Matt Haig
    Thinking in bets, Annie Duke
    Whole Numbers and Half Truth, Rukmini S


    The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel ❷ ✦
    Cinema speculations]...
    and Movie ListMovie List

    Merry Christmas, Hindi, 2024
    Dil Chahta Hai, Hindi, 2001
    12th Fail, Hindi, 2023
    Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case, English, 2023
    Aattam, Malayalam, 2024
    Perilloor Premier...
  • Learn Psychology, Statistics.
  • Start traveling.
  • List affiliates as a page