A page that tells you what I am focused on at this point of life. Inspired by Derek Sivers's, Now Page idea.


  • Working on a design system for an enterprise product that needs to scale and support multiple use cases and regions.
  • DONE : Building an AntiLibraryAntiLibrary
    By definition, An antilibrary is a collection of books we own but have never read. In my case, it's list of books I would like to own / read ;) See my Reading list.

    Fiction - Malayalam

    by category and making reading a daily habit. (If any suggestions, do share via email or DM to twitter)
  • DONE: Restart Newsletter
  • DONE: Start publishing cleaned-up articles via newsletter and medium. Newsletter for refined content, working notes for half-baked and evergreens, a telegram channel for everything half baked - movie review to daily sketches.
    • Share it via newsletter
  • Few long forms to write:
    • DONE: my current bullet journal method
    • Jekyll and Obsidian setup,
    • on having multiple note
    • decision log for communication.
  • Instead of linking amazon, LibraryLibrary
    This List of books I have read, along with my current reads.
    ✦ are for the must-reads, and ❷ are re-reads. Also, See Antilibrary. for the bigger list ;)

    Reading Now

    Building Knowledge Graphs, ...
    and Movie ListMovie List
    An attempt to list good and better (<2.5 in scale of 5) movies I saw. I started this page as a practice to log movies, but that's something I always fail to maintain!


    Romancham, Malayal...
    should have link to review notes. (Which means more writing!)

On Jekyll Theme / Website

  • Easier image support
  • Support ![] based transclusion
  • New UI
  • Add Contact / Mentoring page