What you see is all there is

What you see is all there is (WYSIATI) is a phenomenon of how people jump to conclusions based on limited information. They tend to focus on existing evidence and ignore absent evidence.

As a result, System 1 offers believable stories based on limited evidence. These impressions or intuitions can then be endorsed by System 2 and turn into deep-rooted values and beliefs. (LOL!)

  • Law of small numbersLaw of small numbers
    We tend to make conclusions based on the wrong sample size. It is jumping into conclusion, not statistical analysis. Also, We tend to generalise incidents that we personally observe, while we have ...
  • Assigning cause to random chanceAssigning cause to random chance

    Statistics produce many observations that appear to beg for causal explanations, but do not lend themselves to such explanations. Many facts of the world are due to chance, including accidents o...
  • Hindsight biasHindsight bias
    Hindsight bias, or the I know it all along bias. Humans tend to reconstruct stories around past events to underestimate the surprise caused by those events.

    If the event happens, people exaggerate...
  • Confirmation biasConfirmation bias

    Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one's prior beliefs or values.
    People display this bias when they s...
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