Types of Notes in Zettelkasten

Zettelkasten suggest making three kinds of note. The first one is a fleeting note, which is a rough note, made for remembering ideas, terms, jarons or even examples. These are what you make while consuming knowledge (while reading, lecture etc).

Once you have fleeting notes, the system recommends you to write each idea separately (AtomicityAtomicity
Atomicity refers to the smallest, irreducible building block material. The core concept is that as you build things after defining the smallest, individual elements, then the possibility of mixing ...
), in your own words. You can explain and provide context, but try to keep one idea per note. These notes are called Literature Notes.

Once you have multiple Literature Notes, Never brainstorm for a topicNever brainstorm for a topic
The advantage of having atomic knowledge bases, like a Zettelkasten, is that you don't have to brainstorm for a topic. Looking into the slip-box and going thorough the connections will work as ...
but go through multiple notes, find concepts or insights from multiple lit-notes and build permanent notes.

Fleets are reminders, Lits are one note about one topic from one source, while permanent notes connects multiple lit notes and creates knowledge, specific to a concept.