Stop spending time on Wireframing

  • Balsamiq and other wireframing apps work very similar to screen designing apps like Figma or sketch. It provides all actions, from having multiple variants of components to alignment setup to UX writing.
  • The difference is in certain skinning and limitations.
  • Product managers without design expertise end up spending too much time and effort on creating a sub-quality wireframe as a design document.
  • Also, for MVP or quick prototyping, Programmers don’t need a pixel-perfect design. What they need are endpoints: input elements, buttons, places where stored data should appear. These affordances are the core of a user interface design.
  • By using Breadboarding over WireframesBreadboarding over Wireframes

    I prefer Product Managers creating [[Breadboarding]] over Wireframing, as initial product documentation especially to interact with designers. Wireframes are too detailed. This Extra detailing k...
    , there is a significant saving of effort and time and provides designers more ground to think and solve design from a visual perspective by having more clarity about the overall feature.


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