Difference between Evergreen and Zettel

Evergreen NotesEvergreen Notes
Evergreen notes are Andy Matuschak's take on Zettelkasten. This is more modern, digital-first way of note taking that focuses on 'accumulating knowledge over time' than building connections, or...
is very similar to ZettelkastenZettelkasten
Zettelkasten is a method of personal knowledge management used by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist. It recommends creating independent Atomicity notes so that we can connect them with other...
, and the core principles are almost the same. The difference is that Zettelkasten consider literature notes and permanent notes as a tool for building outputs (academic papers, blogs) , while Evergreen / Digital garden, focuses on knowledge accumulation.


  • Fleet notes are made, so that you won't forget.
  • Literature notes are made, and kept, as a knowledge base.
  • Permanent note summarises multiple lit notes.
  • And that leads to some kind of output.
  • Atomic notes areaccumulated.


  • Ideas as written and added to garden. All notes are part of the garden, and has a potential to be evergreen.
  • Notes get modified over time, and 'grows' as you learn more.
  • Notes might change drastically, gets archived or deleted.
  • Knowledge is accumulated.