Design Debt as a Performance Indicator

Design debtDesign debt
A Design solution that was already proposed but skipped to reach short-term goals is considered a Design debt. Lack of budget, skilled devs, high dev-estimation, etc., are the usual reasons for suc...
is not maintained for documentation. Meeting standards is a basic quality expected in product building. Not following the standards will break standards while Implementing a design SystemImplementing a design System
Design System is a collection of reusable Components, build using Atomicity and Sub-atomic Design Tokens particles that follow the guideline, behave consistently, and together work as t...
practices and principles. This is especially critical while building consumer-facing products, as Software design should be opinionatedSoftware design should be opinionated
Chair that fits all buttocks is an old way of thinking. Software, by design, should be opinionated. It should have principles, a manifesto, and a targeted user persona. Building a flexible software...

To reduce Design Debt, it should be considered as a performance indicator. If it is solved, and when it is solved (Open UX Debt Age) should be considered an indicator of the product team's performance evaluation.