Love Today


Directed and acted by Pradeep Ranganathan, Love Today, based on his short film App(a) Lock, is a delightful comedy I've recently enjoyed. Pradeep may not be an exceptional actor, but he nails the relatable character required for this role. On the other hand, Sathyaraj delivers a phenomenal performance as an actor and comedian, with his character reflecting his past roles, adding an extra layer of humor and entertainment.

The highlight of the film is Yogi Babu, who masterfully balances subtlety and loudness. In one scene, Divya (Pradeep's sister) tries to unlock Yogi's phone by asking for the password; his response is both clever and understated. Yogi also successfully delivers a mature monologue towards the end of the film, without damaging the movie pace.

However, Love Today isn't without flaws. The storyline has clichés, and characters such as the heroine, mother, and friends are stereotypical. The subplot in the second half could have been more profound than the typical hate-crime theme. Despite these shortcomings, the comedy and chemistry between Pradeep, Sathyaraj, and Yogi make this film more than just a casual watch!