Leo is a rather atypical Vijay film, deviating from the usual formula in a unique way. While there are differences and attempts at character development beyond the typical hero, it still maintains some familiar elements.

In terms of the LCU, Leo doesn't overcomplicate the story or force deep connections between films; instead, it creates a sense of shared universe without an intricate sub-story.

The LCU isn't heavily emphasized, seemingly added to cater to fans or as an afterthought. The first villainous scene is brilliantly executed, despite its similarity to other films. All actors perform their roles well, though Madonna's casting feels somewhat ill-suited; however, it doesn't detract from the story.

Vijay showcases emotional range and acting potential not commonly seen in his previous works. Overall, Leo is an enjoyable watch, particularly if approached as a Tamil masala film without preconceived notions