Jigarthanda DoubleX


Jigarthanda DoubleX is indisputably Karthik Subbaraj's most political film, showcasing his passion for the art of cinema. Known for his exceptional writing and unwavering belief in his work, Subbaraj's confidence in content is evident in films like Pizza, Jigarthanda, and Mahaan. This is apparent in Jigarthanda DoubleX as well.

S.J. Surya delivers a stellar performance with ease, while Raghava Lawrence, dubbed 2023's worst actor due to his lacklustre display in Chandramukhi 2, surprises with a fantastic performance here. It's baffling how one actor can be both the best and worst of 2023!

Tirru's cinematography and total technical team deserves praise, particularly the interval block and scenes featuring Clint Eastwood. The politics portrayed in the film is commendable – straightforward yet globally relevant in both direct and indirect interpretations.