Strategic Laziness

There is no need that things you do has to be hard. Easier way to get things done is strategically better. In Ali Abdaal's video, he mentions the RAD system - Reduce, Automate and Delegate.

  • Reduce
    • Reduce committed projects.
    • Decide on what 'not' to do.
    • Rebalance, check and say no to projects.
    • BatchingBatching
      Batching refers to the grouping of similar tasks and executing them in bulk. It takes advantage of a psychological state of “flow”, eliminates context-switching involved in multitasking, and helps ...
  • Automate
    • Automate repeating things
    • Build #Systems that makes it easier
    • Text Expansion in Mac
  • Delegate
    • You don't have to do 'everything'
    • Delegate, Collaborate
    • Figure out your value, and decide what to do