I use Mac Book Pro provided by Office for all primary purposes and iPad Pro 2020 for personal requirements. Google Pixel 3a is my only phone, with Before Launcher and 95% notifications turned off.


For e-reading, I use a 2013 Kindle Paperwhite. Calibre is used for e-book management and for highlights. Raindrop is my current read-it-later tool.

Bullet Journal

I prefer analog tools for planning, as it is easier to maintain. I follow Bullet Journal since 2015 and uses Pennline Quikrite along with TWSBI Eco for Bu-Jo-ing.

Link: How I do Bullet Journal


GIMP and Inkscape are my default tools for raster and vector designing, since 2006. For screen designing, initially I used Sketchapp, but for a while, it's Figma Also, I have Procreate App on my iPad, but that's too French for me!


Starting from Firebox Bookmarks to Delicious days, I always loved storing links for re-discovery. Evernote was my tool of choice until my requirement changed (and Evernote became bulky). For a brief period, I used Notion but introduction to Zettelkasten and Digital garden made me move to Obsidian, which stores information as Markdown.

I use Dropbox to store my markdown files, and editors like VSCode and 1writer along with Obsidian to edit notes.


I like audio books and podcasts. I use Audible and Storytel for Audiobook and Voice app in case if I need one. For Podcast, I still use PocketCast, and for everything else, there is YTMusic.

Malayalam Input

Malayalam is my native language, and I write and chat a lot using that. Indic Keyboard for Android, Varamozhi for iPad, and Keymagic for Mac are my current choice of tools.

Link: Mac Malayalam Install


This website is hosted at Github Pages powered by Jekyll. The theme used to build this website is made open source, feel free to fork and use it to build your personal website + digital garden.

Link: Jekyll Garden HOW TO

Misc Apps