My Jekyll Setup

My Obsidian WorkflowMy Obsidian Workflow
How to Take Smart Notes and Santosh Thottingal's Digital Garden are the two reasons that made me try the Zettelkasten method and attempt a Knowledge Management project. Before that, I ...
allows me to create atomic notes. Now to publish the public notes, I use Github Pages and the Jekyll theme. The theme I use is open-source; feel free to use that for your digital garden. [Digital Garden HOW TO]

Git Ignore

I use gitignore to ensure that WIP, Private Notes, and Obsidian Templates are not shared with my Github. The .gitignore contains these:


_notes/01 Inbox
_notes/03 Private
_notes/04 Templates

Feed and 'Unfeed'

The Jekyll garden theme supports feed layout, but I added a variable notetype to reduce items on the feed. Use notetype:feed in frontmatter to display a note on the feed.

For Obsidian search purpose, I use notetype:unfeed for other notes, but that is not validated or part of any logical conditions

Github - Obsidian Sync

Once in two weeks or so, I commit and push all these changes from Obsidian to Github. While doing that, I check if there are any notes misplaced using few Obsidian search queries.


Current Jekyll frontmatter is as follows :

title: same as file name (Mandatory)
notetype: feed | unfeed (For Feed)
date: DD-MM-YYYY (For Feed Sorting)
permalink: /TEXT (For permalink)