• "Zettelkasten" is a method of personal knowledge management used by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist.
  • It recommends creating independent AtomicityAtomicity

    Atomicity refers to the smallest, irreducible building block material.
    The core concept is that as you build things after defining the smallest, individual elements, then the possibility of mi...
    notes so that we can connect them with other ideas and build new ideas.
  • Types of Notes in ZettelkastenTypes of Notes in Zettelkasten

    Start with Fleeting notes

    quick reminders of ideas
    terms, jargon,
    kindle highlights.

    Based on Fleeting, create Literature notes
    one idea written...
  • Idea of having an Index NoteIdea of having an Index Note

    Index notes, or Map of Concepts, is a meta-note created to create a block of related messages. Consider it similar to Book Index, a starting point.
    It works as a bridge between similar, but un...

  • Normal note taking fails to connect ideasNormal note taking fails to connect ideas

    In standard note-taking, we sort by topics and sub-topics, building a hierarchical tree structure of knowledge. The information is sorted and has a "flow," but chances of connecting two differen...
  • Difference between Evergreen and ZettelDifference between Evergreen and Zettel

    Evergreen Notes is very similar to Zettelkasten, and the core principles are almost the same.

    Zettelkasten consider literature notes and permanent notes as a tool...
  • Non-linear Note makingNon-linear Note making

    Normal notes are linear, mainly focused on subjects, topics, and subtopics.

    It's a good way if the intention is to collect data. But Normal note taking fails to connect ideas
  • Writing the way you thinkWriting the way you think

    The format of writing can change based on the intention of writing.
    It can be rapid logging bullet points, like what Bullet Journaling recommends, or Outline Notes so that their struct...
  • UID are not needed in Digital ZettelkastenUID are not needed in Digital Zettelkasten

    While Zettelkasten recommends having a Unique ID on every literature note made so that it's easier to refer, discover, and hence connect.
    I don't that

    as hyperlinks/backlinks ar...