UX templates for Stable Design

  • It is good to define designs top-down, as we need to Keep user experience discussions at the product levelKeep user experience discussions at the product level

    User experience is the overall experience, and it has to be taken into consideration (and hence in discussion) at the product level and not at the feature level.
    The persona, flow learning cur...
  • Once we have clarity on design, convert those to UX templates.

  • Similar to Implimenting a design System Private or Broken Links
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    , consider UX templates as a single source of truth, for repeated user-goals, actions or experiences.
  • This can help designers to identify goals with similar patterns, reuse similar use journeys, thus reducing product learning curve.

  • Also while create initial designs, or base MVP of product, this encourages reuse of existing patterns and templates.
  • This practice helps designers on building Interface InventoryInterface Inventory

    An interface inventory is a comprehensive collection of the bits and pieces that make up your interface.

    How to

    Take screenshots of all components, dump them to some products like Miro, Fig...
    and on creating a Scorecards to Pilot Design System MigrationScorecards to Pilot Design System Migration

    Do Interface Inventory, and find the frequency of usage of common components. Apply Pareto Principle
    It is better to start with a pilot project instead of doing it for the entire proje...