Third dimension to Eisenhower Matrix

  • Eisenhower MatrixEisenhower Matrix

    The Eisenhower Matrix – Urgent-Important Matrix – Helps in prioritising tasks by urgency and importance.
    The matrix is divided into four –

    Top being important,
    bottom for not-...
    suggests dropping things that are not important or urgent, but what if you want to do it (call a random friend and check how he/she is)? It suggests delegating urgent but not-important tasks, but what if there is none to delegate? Fact is, we will be spending some time on bottom quadrant. Warikoo recommends adding a third dimension to this matrix – TIME.
  • Add time, as a binary value (yes or no, like urgency and important). Thus, we will have 8 quadrants, and we will be spending time on all of them.
  • What we need to do is, to have a clarity on how we spend time, and checking on which quadrant we are spending it more. There should be a clarity on how time is utilised – is that on urgent matters, or important matters on not-urgent-not-important matters.