Stop spending time on Wireframing

  • While Wireframing using pen and paper is an interesting way of communication that helps in building clarity over the idea – it is time-consuming for non-designers.
  • Especially when non-designer manager uses it as a tool to communicate with designers.
    • Also, wireframe is 'instructive' than suggestive.
  • Tools like Balsamiq work very similar to Figma or Sketch, but with some restrictions.
  • The time a non-designer takes to build is quite high.
  • To bring clarity over feature and edge-cases, it is better to use BreadboardingBreadboarding
    Breadboarding is how electronic prototypes are made. It focuses on function, has all components and wiring – but no industrial design. Not usable, but it works.

    Similar idea is used (by the Baseca...
  • By using Breadboarding over WireframesBreadboarding over Wireframes

    I recommend product people to create Breadboarding over Wireframing, as initial product documentation especially to interact with designers. Wireframes are too detailed. This Extra detailing...
    , there is a significant time saving, and it also provides designers more ground to think and solve design from a visual perspective.