Rapid logging

  • Rapid logging is similar to Outline NotesOutline Notes

    Outline notes use a bulleted list, with intend to build a structure. It reduces the need for further editing and reviewing.

    It starts by writing main topics on the far left of the...
  • They are bite sized blocks, not paragraphs
  • Four components
    • Title
      • Can be meeting title, date or anything that provides context.
    • Page Number
      • Page number, so that you can add this to the bullet journal index page.
    • Short Sentences
      • Instead of paragraphs, try writing in short phrases
    • Bullet Icons
      • Bullets for sentences
      • Acts as separator
      • Also, provides some idea of content
      • You can build your own legend
      • Common Icons
        • . a task
        • - a note
        • x completed
        • > migrated to next day
        • < migrated to future log


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