Radical Delegation

  • Once we have too many things in our plate, Eisenhower MatrixEisenhower Matrix

    The Eisenhower Matrix – Urgent-Important Matrix – Helps in prioritising tasks by urgency and importance.
    The matrix is divided into four –

    Top being important,
    bottom for not-...
    becomes less usable, as there are too many things to get done, even after delegating and deleting.
  • Radical delegation is for tasks in two top quadrants of Eisenhower Matrix - Do & Schedule.
  • Assess each tasks in top two quadrants, and understand the the leverage (High/Low) and who could do this (Only You/Others)
  • High Leverage + Only You : Focus Deeply
  • Everything else, you delegate, But
    • If High Leverage
      • Delegate to the most suitable person
      • Monitor and work closely
    • For Low leverage, only you situation
      • Use it as an opportunity to coach teammate
      • Set a foundation and the coach, not vice versa
    • For Low leverage, others situation
      • Delegate and be available when then need
  • Provides a great chance to empower team members, and help them grow.