Mac Malayalam Install

  • I use Key Magic with Mozhi Mapping to type phonetic Malayalam.
  • Some times Mac might not allow you to install Keymagic from orginal source, in that case try download from Mac Download and install it.
  • Go to System Preference > Keyboard > Input Source and add Keymagic, from Multiple Languages option. (There is a + icon, on bottom-left).
  • This will enable KeyMagic. Also, select 'Show Input Menu in Menu Bar'.
  • Now, to configure Key Magic, Select Key Magic from Menu bar, and click on it again.
  • You will see 'Open Keyboard Directory ' as an option. Click on that, which will open .keymagic folder.
  • Download Malayalam-Mozhi.km2 from Narayam and paste that file to this folder. You can delete other .km2 files from the folder, to declutter the options.
  • Now Keymagic will show Malayalam Mozhi as an option. Select that, and start typing!

Typing using Malayalam Inscript