How I use Bullet Journal

  • I am into Bullet JournalingBullet Journaling

    Ryder Carroll created a method of organising personal information such as tasks, reminders, to-do lists, notes in a single notebook called Bullet Journal.
    It was primarily created for analog n...
    since 2018
  • The system is extensible and customizable. Also, planning works for me better with analog systems than digital.

My Journal is a rough notebook

  • I jot my ideas. No lettering, calligraphy or penmanship
  • Rapid loggingRapid logging

    Rapid logging is similar to Outline Notes
    They are bite sized blocks, not paragraphs
    Four components


    Can be meeting title, date or anything that provi...
    is the method I use, with no paragraphs.
  • I use block letters, for readability
  • No multi-color annotation, or highlighting

I use single column layout

  • To make things minimal, I use a long Pennline Note, 20cm x 12cm long notebook, which restricts to building multi-column layouts.

Index Page is powerful

  • I don’t like leaving pages in a notebook, and I am bad at estimating pages per idea.
  • BuJo is the first system that recommended me to use an index as a book appendix.
  • One title can have multiple related pages
  • A one-to-many mapping instead of one-to-one.

No Monthly logs or Future logs

  • While BuJo recommends having a monthly log and future log, I don't follow them. My whole planning is on a weekly basis. But every month, I create a single page, vertical calendar to write 'One line a day journal'.

Weekly Log, a brain dump

  • Every Sunday, I spend some time listing everything I need to get done this week. Work, Personal, Leisure, Travel, Events - everything.
  • Every task, leads to more related tasks and I keep listing them.
  • I use one letter category tag (K for Kaleyra, L for Little Black Choux, etc) followed by task
  • I also skim and go through last week's list, to pick things that are relevant.
  • This list is just a brain dump, not an action plan.

Embrace LNO

  • Once I have the whole list, I go through things that are important, high impact, and emergency.
  • Earlier I used to follow Eisenhower MatrixEisenhower Matrix

    The Eisenhower Matrix – Urgent-Important Matrix – Helps in prioritising tasks by urgency and importance.
    The matrix is divided into four –

    Top being important,
    bottom for not-...
    , but these days I follow LNO Framework Private or Broken Links
    The page you're looking for is either not available or private!
  • Based on this, I find things I should be doing first, and on specific days.

Daily Note

  • Every day, I pick my task for the day and rewrite them with clear outcomes.
  • Events are also added to this, from Calendar, so that there will be more clarity about the day.
  • Daily note works as my commonplace book too, as I add ideas, notes, and random thoughts with dash bullets.