Good meeting checklist

  • Don't agree to join a meeting without an agenda.
    • If not ask the organiser to write one
    • Make sure it is not generic / abstract.
  • If you are the one who is writing agenda, make sure it has these items :
    • Purpose of the meeting (Objective, Problems to solve etc)
    • Expected Outcome (expected actions, deliverables, decisions)
    • Participants Role (People impacted, level of involvement)
    • Probable issues (Questions, concerns etc.)
    • Process (How, what, what to prepare)
  • Meetings are not the place to surprise peopleMeetings are not the place to surprise people

    It is always better to go to (conduct a) meeting with proper preparation and after providing clarity to the participants about the context.
    Good meeting checklist
    Bad meetings are time k...
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  • Documenting MeetingsDocumenting Meetings

    There should be a clarity on why we are documenting a meeting
    The most common needs are to refer back (when you forget), make sure everyone is aligned, and have clarity on next steps.
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