Good meeting checklist

  1. Don't agree to join a meeting without an agenda. Ask organiser to write one, and make sure it's not a generic/abstract one.
  2. While writing meeting agenda, make sure it clearly mention the purpose, the expected level of involvement, how to prepare and expected outcome. Meetings are not the place to surprise peopleMeetings are not the place to surprise people
    It is always better to go to (conduct a) meeting with proper preparation and after providing clarity to the participants about the context. Bad meetings are time killers. Also bad meetings confuses...
  • You don't have to be the first with an opinionYou don't have to be the first with an opinion
    In a meeting, being first to share an opinion doesn't make you important or significant. While it's not always true, but in most cases, the faster you react, you think less.

    Ideas are fragile. ...
  • Documenting MeetingsDocumenting Meetings
    There should be a clarity on why we are documenting a meeting. The most common needs are to refer back (when you forget), make sure everyone is aligned, and have clarity on next steps. Notes can be...