Focus on Outcome, not Output

  • Output
    • measured based on scope, cost, and time,
  • Outcome
    • measured based on behavior, satisfaction, and Impact.
    • (Impacts like ROI, Market share, etc., might be lagging indicators.)
  • At most of the time, we will have too many ideas.
  • In such cases, we need to confirm Is this a real problemIs this a real problem

    There are two main definitions for the problem,

    A matter, or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.
    An inquiry starting from given...
    , and if it's worth investing in.
  • As we have too many ideas, too many random tasks defined as goals, we assume our job is to build more ideas, which is wrong.
  • The job is to build less. The job is to minimize output, and maximize outcome.