About Working Notes

Working notes contains a collection of notes I have written over time, as a process to accumulate knowledge. These are my Second-brain / digital garden. The notes follow concepts from ZettelkastenZettelkasten

"Zettelkasten" is a method of personal knowledge management used by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist.
It recommends creating independent Atomicity notes so that we can connect them wit...
method and Andy's Evergreen NotesEvergreen Notes

Evergreen notes are Andy Matuschak's take on Zettelkasten.

More modern, digital first
focuses on 'accumulating knowledge over time' than building connections, or creating ou...
- to be atomic, linked, and concept-oriented.

Earlier, I used to make transactional notes but understood that those Normal note taking fails to connect ideasNormal note taking fails to connect ideas

In standard note-taking, we sort by topics and sub-topics, building a hierarchical tree structure of knowledge. The information is sorted and has a "flow," but chances of connecting two differen...
. Also, currently, I use note-taking as a tool for thinking. Better Thinking over Better Note-takingBetter Thinking over Better Note-taking

In Note-taking, Making notes is the easiest part, especially one with a focus and subjective intention. The content is already structured, primarily polished, and made with a purpose of revi...

As I am the primary consumer of these notes, the notes might contain half-baked, WIP stuff that might not make sense for you! Also, the notes contain texts in Malayalam, my native language, and links to private notes.