Listing Resources

    A list is an excellent way to create sharable and evergreen resources. Here are a few of those I've collected in my working notes

    • LibraryLibrary
      This List of books I have read, along with my current reads.
      ✦ are for the must-reads, and ❷ are re-reads. Also, See Antilibrary. for the bigger list ;)

      Reading Now

      Building Knowledge Graphs, ...
    • AntiLibraryAntiLibrary
      By definition, An antilibrary is a collection of books we own but have never read. In my case, it's list of books I would like to own / read ;) See my Reading list.

      Fiction - Malayalam

    • Movie ListMovie List
      An attempt to list good and better (<2.5 in scale of 5) movies I saw. I started this page as a practice to log movies, but that's something I always fail to maintain!


      Romancham, Malayal...
    • Tools of ChoiceTools of Choice
      Over the last 14 years, I’ve worked on a diverse range of products across multiple disciplines from UX research, visual design, interaction design, and code. Read More


      Mac Book Pro for ...
    • SystemsSystems

      Bullet Journaling
      Inbox Zero

    • PodcastsPodcasts
      The podcast is still alien to me, but I keep attempting it. I haven't had enough chance to explore podcasts since I prefer fiction audiobooks for when I'm doing chores and old movie audio for when ...
    • FigmaFigma
      Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool and is primarily web-based.

      Figma Resources


      Figma Website

    • NowNow
      A page that tells you what I am focused on at this point of life. Inspired by Derek Sivers's, Now Page idea.


      Working on a design system for an enterprise product that needs to scale and su...