The Perizia, was huge and hit than all our expectations. Thanks to all, who supported us, who rejected us - both where our energy boosters. All our thanks goes to the delegates of Perizia, who where completely with us, each and every moment. Thank you all.

While I made the logo, it was just a trail to make an asymmetric font over a standard typographic design. The tool I picked for making it was none other the very right tool - inkscape. And the simplification of the font, with reducing the space between the alphabets, it was just a work of 3 minutes. Later I worked over those glyph pattern to make it more asymmetric and it worked well and others accepted that. Hence - Its now a true type font! Named 'Perizia', in the memory of that fantastic moment. Its a title font, use it wisely! Licensed under GNU GPL V3. You can download from here.

If you liked the font, and it you wish to express thanks to me, I humbly request you to donate to CRY, let it bring light to children. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome..

Thanks to all students and staffs of computer science department.