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1 By Two, A Great experiment.

1 By Two, 2014 : A Great experiment, A good movie. While there are few lags and flaws, the effort behind the movie is worth appreciating. Jeyamohan did his part gracefully. Big claps to Arun Kumar for not adding masala to make it audience friendly. And best part of the movie - Murali Gopy, you just proved that you an awesome actor! Clean performance from Shyamaprasad, Fahaadh and Abhinaya.

This is not an entertainer and this might not entertain you if you are watching movie just to kill time or have some good laugh. It's a serious and bold movie making.

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Ore Kadal : Review

Film : Ore Kadal (Malayalam, 2007)
Theatre : Baiju, Kunnamkulam,Thrissur.
Time : 3nd Sept. 2007, 3.00pm
Ticket rate : Rs.27 (Balcony)
Ore Kadal, ("The sea within") is one latest movie on theaters directed by Shyamaprasad, based on 'Heerak Deepti' by the Bengali writer Sunil Gangopodhyay . Casted with Mammootty, Meera Jasmine, Remya Krishnan and Narian, the film shows the life and living of Nathan (Mammootty), a known Social Scientist who is workaholic, alcoholic, womanizer who gives zero value for the emotions and relationship and consider women just as objects to meet his physical pleasure. The film is never describing any characters in one shoot, the description goes along with the time, without any confusion and in a stable pace. Performance of Mammootty and Meera Jasmine (as Deepthi) is amazing and all other characters from Remya Krishnan, Narian, two children, doctor, student and the neighbors ( and even the beggar boy) makes the screen perfect for the audience.
The screenplay is the one which makes the film so special along with the classic camera work by Alagappan. Some of the frames and compositions which he had used speaks more, defining the story in a way of silence. The other main attraction that I found for the film was the background music by Ousepachan in the film, having a style makes the visual sequence to flow in a uniform pace. The scenes such as the wound in Nathan's chest visualized with blood on cloth and the scene of Bella with the beggar boy and the Nanthan's attitude on seeing a pregnant Deepthi and so on needs a special complement. The art director Muthuraj also did a wonderful job specially on making a wonderful Bella's Bar. The poster designers, 'Papaya' who did a variety poster considering the style which Alagappan had used also need a mention.

The film has 5 songs, 6 tracks which all are made on the same style carefully created in a way never to disturbs the movie flow. The songs feels as just a part of BGM. The song "PranayaSandhya" by Bombay Jayashree is the best among them, followed by "Yamuna" by Swetha and "Naragam" by Vineeth Srinivas. Special mention to the wonderful sound of Swetha. The song "Manasinte" is also one good sang by Venugopalan and Sujatha. Than all these the album of Ore Kadal contains the track of "Yamuna"s male version by Ousepachan which is too classic and fantastic one with a high quantity of perfection.

The emotional flashback of Nanthan and Bella which is described just in a some sentence makes the film to have more emotional touch, but the one of Deepthi, works as a side story which was later felt unnecessary some times on film. Being a film which is not at all meant as a box office flavored one, and working on a matured topic in a matured format without any side dishes and pickles, it will never become a grand onam fest for the one who came to celebrate at cine halls, though it will surely be a classic item for all those who come expecting a film with sense and some substance.