July 23, 2014No Comments

Velai Illa Pattadhaari

Velai Illa Pattadhaari, 2014 : A predictable, yet entertaining movie that uses the same old tamil formula. Cinematographer turned director Velraj did a clean work by doing a elegant casting (which saved the movie). Though the story turned her role into a melodrama, Saranya did a great performance. Samuthirakani and Hrishikesh did a justifiable role while Amala Paul, Vivek and Surabhi has nothing to do than filling the screen space.Music by Anirudh works on building the hero stuff, while the songs are similar to his old works, just like lyrics written by Dhanush.

May 30, 2014No Comments

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) : Well made, well directed, predictable movie. The effects and some sub stories are awesome enough to make it a great movie experience. The movie lacks proper villains and second half is a bit loose and slow comparing to initial pace. Still, its a great watch, specially when you see Peter Dinklage. Hail GoT!

May 20, 2014No Comments

Mr. Fraud, A usual mediocre extravaganza

Mr. Fraud, 2014 : A usual mediocre extravaganza. The usual, predictable story thread that starts as a heist movie and ends up as a usual hero movie. This time too, Unnikrishnan succeeded in writing dialogs that suits more to the star idol of Mohanlal than his character, which definitely entertains majority. Unwanted sub-plots, too much of drama-emotional-baggage and characters who is just intended to show Mohanlal is charming (specially the women) makes the movie dull. Mohanlal's charm and Gopi Sundar's music (though it's a bit over at times) makes the movie one time watchable.