June 16, 2014No Comments

Before Midnight

Before Midnight, 2013 : The third in "Before" series, Before Midnight is a clean, well written sequel which talks about more matured romance than 95's Sunrise or '04s Sunset. The movie is sheer brilliance of script writer Trio, who made it risk and attractive just with a dozen characters and five major locations with long 10+ minutes shots. If the first two films belongs to the finest romantic movie of all time, this new film is sharper, more sensible and content rich work on what love and relations are.

February 4, 2014No Comments

Ernest et Célestine

Ernest et Célestine, French, 2014: A simple entertaining animated feature film. The movie is so clean that there is no doubt, it "has to" win Oscar for Best Animated Movie. The movie is in water color / children's book format, with mild heart warming color tone which makes the movie too special. A must watch. A must win.

January 25, 2014No Comments

American Hustle

First thing first, Bale is awesome, for the way he changed himself from Christian Bale to Irving is brilliant. Similar to The Great Gatsby or Blue Jasmine or The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle is another scam movie, but treated and told in a different way.

The movie is made as a cocktail of screwball comedy with Martin Scorsese influence and Russell earns applause for the script’s puzzle box of tricks. Robert De Niro impresses with his looks, but the character has nothing much to attract. Amy Adams looks stunning and did a clean performance just like Bradley Cooper while Jennifer Lawrence did a great performance.