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Chotushkone, Bengali, 2014 : A multidimensional movie with a strong narration pattern. The story revolves around four central characters who is trying to make an anthology movie - and the way anthology movies are contained inside the frame is amazing. The dialogs, cuts and transitions between real and reel are a pure treat to watch. While some parts of the movie makes the climax predictable, the final epilogue makes it a brilliant composition, which makes the movie more realistic. And when you watch a movie, that contains a movie discussion, in which characters accepts the influence of Woody Allen - that's wow ! No wonder it won National award for best direction and best original script

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Shahid , 2013

Shahid Movie, 2013 : Based on real life, the movie talks about life of Human rights activist and lawyer Shahid Azmi. The movie has story to tell, emotions to show, politics to stand on and it's neatly conceived. And best part of the movie is Rajkumar Rao, his emotions, anger, dialog delivery and smile makes the character Shahid too alive and close to heart. Congrats to Hansal Mehtaa and Rajkumar for winning National Awards. You both deserve it.