October 17, 200825 Comments

Rufscript, new font released

Partial Screen Shot of gnu.org with rufscript as font, in firefox. For more screen shots see here.

Making a font from others handwriting is more to experiment than fun. And what it made so thrill is that, all the glyphs for making of the font are captured from her note book, without her knowledge. My K750 worked as the capturing machine. The font is licensed under GNU GPL version 3 + Font Exception.

Here is the font as ttf and here is its source sfd.

The font is compiled and designed in the latest stable version of fontforge, (20080927, available as tarball at sourceforge).I remember Steve of freefont saying that the sfd created by new version fontforge is  unreadable to its older versions.

Specifications :

Font Name - Rufscript
Emsize - 2048
Acent : Decent value - 1639 : 409
Contains - Unicode Rage Basic Latin [95/95]
Tools used - Fontforge, Inkscape, GIMP, gedit

Thanks list :

  • Lithu, whose handwriting is now turned into this font, for writing notes in class hours.
  • Hussain K H and Suresh P, who made me a font designer.
  • Classmates specially Kiran, Sheen, Lalu and Chinnu who were so eager to see the font completed.
  • To friends in FOSS, specially anivar, who used the alpha version rufscript to design his blog.
  • IRC channels mates at  #smc-project, #fedora-art, ##fonts (all in freenode).
  • Niyam, Rahul Bhalerao who loved this work and suggested many modifications.
  • To Sony Ericsson for providing a wonderful mobile camera and DELL for the laptop I am using.

Wanna your handwriting to decorate your computer - for very hadwritting font contact me!

PS : I love to make the deb / rpm package of it, should I or will someone?

March 2, 2008No Comments

Thanks! Perizia is now a font.

The Perizia, was huge and hit than all our expectations. Thanks to all, who supported us, who rejected us - both where our energy boosters. All our thanks goes to the delegates of Perizia, who where completely with us, each and every moment. Thank you all.

While I made the logo, it was just a trail to make an asymmetric font over a standard typographic design. The tool I picked for making it was none other the very right tool - inkscape. And the simplification of the font, with reducing the space between the alphabets, it was just a work of 3 minutes. Later I worked over those glyph pattern to make it more asymmetric and it worked well and others accepted that. Hence - Its now a true type font! Named 'Perizia', in the memory of that fantastic moment. Its a title font, use it wisely! Licensed under GNU GPL V3. You can download from here.

If you liked the font, and it you wish to express thanks to me, I humbly request you to donate to CRY, let it bring light to children. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome..

Thanks to all students and staffs of computer science department.