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റിപബ്ലിക്കിൽ വന്ന വാർത്തയുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട് ശശി തരൂർ ഇട്ട സ്റ്റാറ്റസ് കണ്ടു. പണ്ട് സ്കൂളിന്റെ അടുത്ത് 'ഡബ്ബർകട്ട' എന്നൊരു ഐറ്റം തിന്നാൻ കിട്ടുമായിരുന്നു. കടിച്ചാൽ പൊട്ടാത്ത ഒരു സ്വീറ്റ്. അതിനെ ഓർത്തുപോയി. ഈ തിരോന്തൂരത്തെ സെലിബ്രിറ്റീസിനു ഇമ്മാതിരി ഇംഗ്ലീഷേ വരു?

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The theory of everything

Life of  Stephen Hawking's, based on his ex-wife's biography. The movie is attractive and romantic, yet not exaggerated or over dramatized. Instead of focusing on Hawking's life tragedy or  listing his contributions to Physics, the movie takes a personal angle. The amazing cinematography, clean script and brilliant performances make the movie justified and impressive.

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Boyhood is stunning. Just like Linklater's Trilogy, the movie deals the most sophisticated human emotion with a simple, micro storyline. This time Linklater's narration follows a boy and his life for 12 years (and it took 12 years in making). The brilliant making, interesting way of story telling, indirect representation of time makes the awesome. And Patricia, no wonder why she won Oscars!

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FIVE Point Someone, ONE Night at Call Centre, THREE Mistakes in my Life, TWO States, Revolution TWENTYTWENTY - now HALF Girlfriend! ഒരുത്തന്റെ ഒരോരോ നമ്പറുകളേ!!

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Chef, 2014: Jon, the IronMan once again proved his acting and directing talent by cooking Fresh and yummy Cuban Sandwich filled with the tale of 'do-what-you-love-to-do'. Well cooked screenplay, neatly chopped edit and stunningly presented DOP makes the movie rich, inspiring and entertaining. And yes, it's garnished with Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson! PS: Don't miss it If you are working on creative things under a stupid boss

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Before Midnight

Before Midnight, 2013 : The third in "Before" series, Before Midnight is a clean, well written sequel which talks about more matured romance than 95's Sunrise or '04s Sunset. The movie is sheer brilliance of script writer Trio, who made it risk and attractive just with a dozen characters and five major locations with long 10+ minutes shots. If the first two films belongs to the finest romantic movie of all time, this new film is sharper, more sensible and content rich work on what love and relations are.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) : Well made, well directed, predictable movie. The effects and some sub stories are awesome enough to make it a great movie experience. The movie lacks proper villains and second half is a bit loose and slow comparing to initial pace. Still, its a great watch, specially when you see Peter Dinklage. Hail GoT!

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Her, a movie with soul.

A story with soul, a romance with heart and emotions that are true. Though the movie is futuristic, a has elements of science fiction and romance - it is a movie that talks about actual emotions of human - being loved, being lonely and being true to emotions. Big claps and applause to Spike Jonze, the writer director for the idea, concept, execution and the soul it had. This is a movie I expected from the maker of Being John Malkovich.

Joaquin Phoenix did an extra ordinary, brilliant performance (it is strange that he is not nominated for Oscar) holding the audience to the movie just with his very controlled and stunning acting. The other faces that comes in between like Amy Adams and Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde and Portia Doubleday looked stunning and did their part neatly. Big hugs to Scarlett Johansson for her voice and modulation that made Samatha something more that existing.

With a clean, stunning, breath holding cinematography and color tone the movie is a brilliant watch that you became part of the movie, and for some time you feel the movie as part of you. It's a pure magic. Thank you Spike Jonze.

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American Hustle

First thing first, Bale is awesome, for the way he changed himself from Christian Bale to Irving is brilliant. Similar to The Great Gatsby or Blue Jasmine or The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle is another scam movie, but treated and told in a different way.

The movie is made as a cocktail of screwball comedy with Martin Scorsese influence and Russell earns applause for the script’s puzzle box of tricks. Robert De Niro impresses with his looks, but the character has nothing much to attract. Amy Adams looks stunning and did a clean performance just like Bradley Cooper while Jennifer Lawrence did a great performance.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

Former stock broker's fucking awesome life is fucking amazingly narrated by fucking brilliant director Martin Scorsese with the fucking classic actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is fucking brilliantly told,with fucking fantastic narration techniques and fucking stunning bold dialogues. It's a fucking must watch and a fucking very Martin Scorsese movie. (Yes, the movie has more fucks than usual movies)

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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

One of my favorite short stories turns into movie (again) and it's wonderfully done. With a clean story adaptation and stunning performance by the actor - director Ben Stiller, the movie is spectacular in every sense. The visuals were stunning, so do the music and tittle cards. Special mention to Steve Conrad for brilliant screen play.