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In order to defend the government's outrageous move of linking Aadhaar with PAN cards and invalidating PAN cards of those who don't have Aadhaar, the AG has said in the Supreme Court that Indians do not have absolute rights over their body.

What extent will the government go to in order to impose Aadhaar on citizens? We don't have rights on our own bodies now if govt wants differently?

Women& LGBTQIA movements cross the world and in India have struggled for centuries to get control over their own bodies. "My body My right" also means that a person has rights over her own body & they are allowed to make their own decisions. In one sweeping motion the AG has tried to dismiss this important aspect of citizen's rights. In one statement he is denying the citizen's right to be in control of her own body.

Similar struggles have taken place along other lines for everything from child rights and gender minorities to state sponsored brutality and forced sterilizations against citizens. This is not just a slippery slope, it is an unethical argument to begin with, to defend the violation of rights by simply saying the state has a right to violate - which is basically what this argument amounts to.

The government cannot simply violate our rights and then defend in court saying that we don't have those rights anyway!!!

We want to convey to the court how outrageous this statement is. Please join us by expressing your thoughts on the hashtag *#MyBodyMyRights*.

Let the government know they don't own us!

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രാഹുല്‍ഗാന്ധിയുടെ തിരിച്ചറിയല്‍ രേഖ തള്ളിയത്രേ. ആധാറിലെ പതിനാറക്കം ടെൻഷൻ കൊണ്ട് തെറ്റി എഴുതിയതാവും, പാവം!

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അങ്ങനെ വീണ്ടും കോടതി 'ആധാ'റിന്റെ തന്തയ്ക്കും തളളയ്ക്കും വിളിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു. ആധാരിനെ എന്നല്ല 16 ആക്കത്തിലുള്ള ഒരു നമ്പറു പോലും ഇനി സർക്കാരോ കോൺഗ്രസ്സോ നന്ദനോ മിണ്ടിപ്പോവരുത്ത് എന്ന് കോടതി പറയുമ്പോൾ 5440 കോടി ചിലവാക്കിയ ഒരു വലിയ കുമിളയാൺ പൊട്ടുന്നത്. സന്തോഷം!