UID are not needed in Digital Zettelkasten

  • ZettelkastenZettelkasten

    "Zettelkasten" is a method of personal knowledge management used by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist.
    It recommends creating independent [[Atomicity]] notes so that we can connect them wit...
    recommends having a Unique ID on every literature note made so that it's easier to refer, discover, and hence connect. I don't do that
  • Reasons are: My Zettel is digital. Hyperlink/WikiLinks will do this job, as it is supposed to do.
  • The File names, hence the hyperlinks, will look cleaner and readable I don't use UID in my Zettelkasten vs. 2020171833; I don't use UID in my Zettelkasten