Design and engineering handover

How I do Design Handover


  • Conduct a planned 30 min meeting with the whole team - frontend and backend engineers, product managers, QA, and everyone involved.
  • PM presents the feature objective, goals, and business impact. And then, the designer explains the user flow (Sharing Figma link and asking everyone to observe the designer. Don't screen share, as the motion can be too jarring), how the interface behaves, the known edge cases, and its expected behaviors.
  • Wait for questions, don't expect any estimations - they just saw the design. It's important to provide them enough context and time to absorb the idea fully.
  • Once the designer and the product manager answer their questions, Look for rabbit holesLook for rabbit holes

    Finding solutions are usually a fast-moving, fast-paced process. It might not be a 'deeper' exploration, but a 'broader'.
    Once we have solutions, it's essential to slow down and critically go ...
    and provide them clarity on what to achieve. Decide when to stopDecide when to stop

    Stop aiming for an ideal perfect design. We'll never get there. Instead of keeping 'perfect design' as the benchmark, compare with the baseline - the current reality and how much this change enh...


  • The same happens, but via an email (or tool of your choice). The Figma screens can be the prototype if there is a complex screen experience. Or, there can be different sets of screens to explain each traversal.
  • Another way is to record the Figma exploration and share it with everyone so that they can watch it multiple times (and can even use it as a reference later)


  • For both sync and async, the expected conclusion is when backend engineers are clear about the tasks, and the front-end is clear about design system components and any prerequisites to be shared with the Design System Manager.Write your own issuesWrite your own issues

    Everyone on the team should write their own issues. It's faster.
    Also, from the clarity, it's easier to understand how clear they abound the end goal, thus setting up the team to do a better j...

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