A story with soul, a romance with heart and emotions that are true. Though the movie is futuristic, a has elements of science fiction and romance - it is a movie that talks about actual emotions of human - being loved, being lonely and being true to emotions. Big claps and applause to Spike Jonze, the writer director for the idea, concept, execution and the soul it had. This is a movie I expected from the maker of Being John Malkovich.

Joaquin Phoenix did an extra ordinary, brilliant performance (it is strange that he is not nominated for Oscar) holding the audience to the movie just with his very controlled and stunning acting. The other faces that comes in between like Amy Adams and Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde and Portia Doubleday looked stunning and did their part neatly. Big hugs to Scarlett Johansson for her voice and modulation that made Samatha something more that existing.

With a clean, stunning, breath holding cinematography and color tone the movie is a brilliant watch that you became part of the movie, and for some time you feel the movie as part of you. It's a pure magic. Thank you Spike Jonze.